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155 Words - Genderbending -- bcfan
Summary: After the kindred, he considered the possibilities.

900 -- Tokyo Shapiro
Summary: Mulder sublimates his sexual attraction to Scully by calling 900 numbers.

About Face -- JHJ Armstrong
Summary: Moose and Squirrel's connection transcends the physical.

All You Had to Do Was Ask -- Tonya Cox
Summary: Mulder's curiosity gets the better of him.

The Bouquet -- banlu
Summary: Mulder, relaxing.

Building Her Symphony -- November Tuesday
Summary: Mulder's adept sexual imagination can't profile the sounds of an orgasmic Scully.

Butt, Montana -- Jess
Summary: Scully goes on a date. Mulder is incensed! Comedy and Love ensue.
Prequel to Hellhole, Idaho

The Call -- Agent Diana Fowley
Summary: Mulder's having a little problem making his donation.

Calling Again -- Rye
Summary: The complexities of betrayal and connection are contemplated by Mulder at the close of the Eddie van Blundht case.

Chasing Fantasties -- Kate
Summary: Mulder comes to Scully's apartment to indulge in a mildly erotic bit of fun. He learns a bit more about our Dana than he previously knew.

Cinnamon Calling -- Bidie McCucholl
Summary: Mulder receives a free phone call as a "valued customer" from his favorite 900# phone sex service.
Prequel to Mandrake's Message

Comfortable Tension -- Cybil & Xfilesopus
Summary: Mulder and Scully are always filled with tension. This story deals with it.

The Distaff Fantasy -- Brenda Antrim
Summary: Turnabout time.
Sequel to Fantasies by Ursa Minor

Ditched III -- Donna
Summary: He knew he had to tell her, but he was afraid to.

Holding Pattern -- mimic117
Summary: Unfortunately for Mulder, smart can be *very* sexy.

Iced Tea -- Plausible Deniability
Summary: Mulder fantasizes, with apologies to James Thurber.
Sequel to Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi by Romana Clef

In Sight -- mimic117
Summary: It won't be long now.

In The Car -- Adrienne
Summary: Mulder and Scully find themselves in the car.

Inadequate -- Blueswirl
Summary: It's always hard to say the words.

Into the Woods -- RivkaT
Summary: A missing scene from Acadia; a direction the story didn't ultimately take.

Keyhole 03: Shade of Voyeurism -- S. E. McNiel
Summary: Based off Keyhole with permission.

Kilt Series III: Caber Toss -- banlu
Summary: Mulder remembers, with predictable results.

My Pleasure/Likewise -- mimic117
Summary: Guilty (illicit). Pleasure (sensual gratification). 'Nuff said.

A Night At the Petri's -- Soleil
Summary: Scully watches while Mulder takes a shower.
Prequel to Before the Consummation

OutFoxed -- Satina
Summary: Scully has a new boyfriend. Mulder doesn't like him. Not all is as it seems.

Pilgrim's Progress -- Cathleen Faye & Melinda MacCaughtry
Summary: Trapped together by a mountain storm, Mulder and Scully discover that while they have gone searching for one thing, they may have found something else entirely.

Rebellion -- Frances Hartman
Summary: Ain't technology a wonderful thing? Mind candy of the somewhere audio-visual sort.

Relax II: Relieving the Tension -- Saska
Summary: Mulder discovers the gift that keeps on giving.
Sequel to Relax

Rendezvous -- Touchstone
Summary: A different kind of Mulder torture.

Supposition -- Laura Blaurosen
Summary: Mulder's self-reproach over his behavior after a certain item comes into his possession.

Water Torture -- Krikkit
Summary: Eavesdropping isn't always such a good idea.
Companion piece to Hydrotherapy


1-900-Redhead -- Trixie
Summary: Scully's lonely until she gets a *very* 'uplifting' call from Mulder.

Another Night on the Road -- Merri-Todd Webster
Summary: Motels can be boring places at night, even for Federal agents.

Bittersweet Release -- adara
Summary: "Scully?" One more whispered question. Slowly, unbelievably, she formed the words. "Yes, Mulder. We'll stay." She didn't dare look at him. She barely heard him over the music: "Oh, Scully . . ."

Diet Coke -- Romana Clef
Summary: Smut, and maybe character development. Scully has perverse fantasies.
Prequel to Diet Pepsi

Getting Pushed -- Adrienne
Summary: Scully gets a phone call from Modell and gets really into the conversation.

Homebody -- Donna
Summary: What does she do at home alone?

Humbuggery -- mimic117
Summary: Everyone has to grow up sometime.

Hydrotherapy -- Krikkit
Summary: What better way to unwind after a long, hard day?
Companion piece to Water Torture

If I Could Describe -- The Well-Manicured Wife
Summary: Scully struggles with poesy, and reaches certain conclusions.

Little White Lie -- mimic117
Summary: Sometimes a little white lie will get you in a lot less trouble than the whole truth.

Need Your Love -- PhinMulder
Summary: Scully masturbation.

Relax -- Saska
Summary: An unusual gift on an unusual holiday produces unusual results.

Relax III -- Trixie
Summary: What would she do if she realized he was watching?
Based on the events in Relax and Relax II: Relieving the Tension

Rushin' Roulette -- Finding Fiji
Summary: Scully is introduced to Mulder's infamous video collection.

Sunset Visitation -- mountainphile
Summary: Her pregnant body beckons to him.

Tootsie Pop III: JellyBellies and Twang -- Evielouise
Summary: Mulder and Scully travel to Austin, Texas, for a boring conference but they manage to get naughty, too.

Toys 101 -- Donnilee
Summary: I went and did it! I made a purchase. Now I'm just a little nervous for some reason.


Abandon -- Audrey Cooper
Summary: Conflagration in a motel room. 'Nuff said. -- Sarah Ellen Parsons
Summary: Mulder makes a new friend online.

Alternatives -- shannono & Brandon D. Ray
Summary: What do two red-blooded Americans do to relieve tension?

Before the Consummation -- Soleil
Summary: Once upon a time, Scully watched Mulder take a shower. Now she's watching TV in the middle of the night, and Mulder watches Scully.
Sequel to A Night At the Petri's

By Hand -- SueBee
Summary: Sweeter stimulation.

Cat Scratch Fever -- Brandon D. Ray
Summary: Post-ep for "Teso dos Bichos". Scully's pissed. Smut ensues.

Caught in the Act -- Parrotfish
Summary: A secret is revealed, threatening to permanently dissolve the partnership between Scully and Mulder.

Caught in the Act II : No Win Situation -- Parrotfish
Summary: Their affair revealed, Mulder and Scully have been given new partners. His is bad, and hers is worse. Together, they must suffer through the power games of their professional lives while learning a very different lesson about power in their private lives.

Caught in the Act III: Sub Rosa Part Parrotfish
Summary: Mulder and Scully go undercover to rescue a kidnapped child from a white supremacist militia group. Success could mean the salvation of the duo's partnership -- if it doesn't destroy them first

Click Here... -- Adrienne
Summary: You can learn an awful lot of interesting things on the internet.

Come with the Wind: A Story That Blows -- Fanny Sewer-Sendings, Mylanta Badass, & Skintimate Pee
Summary: Mulder is having a hard time, and Scully lends him a hand.

Desire is Suffering -- Darwin
Summary: Scully makes a difficult decision which forever alters her life, her career and her relationship with Mulder.

Doors -- alanna & Lydia Bower
Summary: How much of yourself can you bare but still remain alone?

Drawing A Bath -- Satina
Summary: Scully calls Mulder while she's drawing a bath for herself.

Eject to Eden -- Emily Gifford
Summary: Mulder, Scully, and "Exit to Eden."

Eleventh Hour -- Rachel Anton
Summary: Some feelings defy the confines of time.

Erlona's Heart -- MD1016
Summary: Mulder takes Scully on her dream vacation.

Eyes Wide Shut -- Jennifer Arthur
Summary: An early morning interlude.

Fantasies -- Ursa Minor
Summary: Mulder has a request.
Prequel to The Distaff Fantasy by Brenda Antrim

The Find -- Shinkai
Summary: Scully and Mulder each find an article of clothing belonging to the other, which they secretly keep, becoming the focal points of some serious UST.

A Four-Letter Word for Intercourse -- Ambress
Summary: What really turns Mulder on about Scully.

Four Walls -- Xenoprobe
Summary: Summary: Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped in a phone booth in a foreign town.

Girl X -- Jenna Tooms
Summary: A bored Mulder makes an interesting phone call.

Heat -- Abra Elliott
Summary: Scully has reached a certain point in her life.

Hellhole, Idaho -- Jess
Summary: Mulder has a... heh heh... *head* cold.
Sequel to Butt, Montana

Just a Phone Call -- Lucy Mattos
Summary: What would happen if Mulder and Scully start a HOT conversation on the phone?

Just Words -- Rachel Anton
Summary: What does Mulder want out of his life these days, and how does Scully react?

Keyhole -- amanda jeanne le bas de plumetot
Summary: The secrecy was part of it, and Scully had to admit a certain enjoyment.
Prequel to Keyhole 2: By Candle Light

Keyhole 2: By Candle Light -- amanda jeanne le bas de plumetot
Summary: What if Mulder knew?
Sequel to Keyhole

Like a Red, Red Rose VI : Blushing Rose -- Audrey Cooper
Summary: Mulder and Scully explore a new facet of their relationship.

Lying in Wait -- Rachel Howard
Summary: Author re-examines tired scenario at request of friend, resulting in hackneyed smutfest with no plot or redeeming value whatsoever.

Mandrake's Message -- Bidie McCucholl
Summary: Dana Scully gets an unexpected phone call from a man named Mandrake.
Sequel to Cinnamon Calling

Muldercine -- Sara
Summary: Scully's feeling ill ... and discovers the best medicine is close at hand...

Mutual -- Jess
Mutual 2: Son of Mutual
Mutual 3: This Time It's Personal
Mutual 4: Mutual in Space
Summary: Scully is caught doing something... erm... private. Mulder decides to let her know the feelings are mutual.

My Cellular One and Only -- frogdoggie & Mrs. frogdoggie
Summary: Mulder and Scully get up close and personal using the ubiquitous cell phone connection.

Natural Impulses -- Nurse Owens
Summary: Scully's got an attitude. She quickly learns that some natural impulses are best ridden out with a partner.

Normal People -- Livia Balaban
Summary: For every action, there is an equal and identical reaction

Not the Call They Were Waiting For -- Yonada
Summary: Two agents, a small room and phone sex.

Office Play -- Avalon
Summary: Scully receives an anonymous email that heats up the office for her and Mulder.

Performance Art -- Nicole van Dam & Heathers
Summary: Our beloved agents bring flights of fantasy to life.

Professional Help -- Jess
Summary: Sometimes even a pro needs a little help.

Q'Anay -- Lydia Bower
Summary: A phone call and a test lead to some interesting discoveries.

Quick Fix -- Crash
Summary: Scully catches Mulder taking matters into his own hands.

Radar Love -- T L Young
Summary: Mulder and Scully deal with their feelings after Mulder plants a bug and gets an earful.

Richter Scale -- Rebecca
Summary: I saw Kelly's "Vibrator challenge" and could not resist.

Riding the Whirlpool -- Pufferdeux
Summary: Scully does laundry. Mulder helps. Everybody wins.

Sated, Not Abated -- Yvonne Richards
Summary: One is a lonely number.
Prequel to Sated, Not Abated II

Sated, Not Abated II -- Yvonne Richards
Summary: Scully, feeling a need to be close to Mulder, visits him in the early hours of the morning.
Sequel to Sated, Not Abated

Scent of a Woman -- Terma99
Scent of a Woman II: The Nest
Scent of a Woman III: Dinner
Scent of a Woman IV: Tiramisu
Summary: Our beloved agents bring flights of fantasy to life.

Secret -- Leyla Harrison
Summary: Scully has a secret and Mulder finds out what it is.
Companion piece to Secret II by Madeleine Partous

Secret II -- Madeline Partous
Summary: Mulder has a secret -- and Scully may never know.
Companion piece to Secret by Leyla Harrison

Shake Your Egg Thing -- Sara
Summary: Scully sees a side of Mulder she never realized existed.

The Simple Joy of Cooking -- Flynn
Summary: It's sex, guys. Just sex.

A Six Letter Word for Sex -- Dianora
Summary: Your standard phone sex piece.

Slippery Slope -- Rachel Anton
Summary: Mulder and Scully discuss current events

Speak Easy -- Agent Sabine
Summary: The rain hadn't stopped for six consecutive days and Fox Mulder was beginning to get desperate.

Steam -- xenoprobe
Summary: Mulder can't resist indulging his fantasies while Scully takes a steamy shower.

Truckin' -- Donnilee & FatCat
Summary: Mulder and Scully go undercover as an over-the-road married driving team to break up a hijacking ring.

Truth or Dare -- Amy McClure
Summary: Mulder and Scully are the most unconventional "couple" around.

The Video -- Jess
Summary: Diana gives Mulder a gift.

The Video 2: The Sequel -- Jess
Summary: Scully gets her revenge. Frohike gets more than he bargained for.

Watching -- Brynna
Summary: Mulder tells Scully a fantasy. She makes it come true.

Wild Places -- Missy Pennington
Summary: Sequel to "Tempest" and "Distance."

Wishing II: Wishing You Had Stayed -- mimic117
Summary: Scully has left, and Mulder is in despair. How will he cope?
Prequel to Wishing I Could See You

Wishing III: Wishing I Could See You -- mimic117
Summary: It's payback time for Mulder, and a little aural sex ensues between our consenting agents.
Sequel to Wishing You Had Stayed

Wishing V: Wishing to Serve You -- mimic117
Summary: Mulder gives Scully a very special gift.

Words to the Wise -- Karen Rasch
Summary: Mulder and Scully try to work some of the kinks out of their relationship. In the bedroom.

Worth Breaking -- Narida Law
Summary: Mulder and Scully embark on a relationship neither is able to handle, and the question of what is or isn't worth breaking must be answered.


11:21 Saturday Night -- Red Valerian
Summary - We are offered a look at the private thoughts of Skinner, Mulder and Frohike while each imagines what he'd like to be doing with the blessed one. Meanwhile, who's peopling Scully's fantasy landscape? Ah....that would be telling.

Absit Invidia -- Frogdoggie
Summary: A post-colonization story. Mulder, Scully and Skinner survive the invasion...but will they survive for long...and how?

Calliope -- Audrey Cooper
Summary: Surveillance on a lonely night.

Carousel -- Sue
Summary: Round and round and round they go...where they it and find out for yourself!

The Caveat Emporium
-- Red Valerian
Summary: For reasons of her own, Scully insists on going undercover at a telephone sex establishment.

Diet Pepsi -- Romana Clef
Summary: Learn more about Scully's healthy and active fantasy life.
Sequel to Diet Coke
Prequel to Iced Tea by Plausible Deniability

If He Asked You -- Narida Law
Summary: A woman's lover wants a few questions answered.

Misled by Spin -- Joann Humby
Summary: Spirits are on the move. Mulder and Scully go out to investigate a case close to the FBI Director's heart.
Prequel to Misled: Suggestion by Ursa Major

Misled: Suggestion -- Ursa Major
Summary: So what was *Scully* doing that night?
Sequel to Misled by Spin by Joann Humby

More Than Personal -- Malefescent
Summary: While surveilling Scully's apartment, Alex Krycek gets that inexplicable but all too common urge to extol his thoughts to no one in particular.

Mulder and His Free Fucking Porn -- Reddy
Summary: Sex. f/f? kinda,.. voyeurism? slightly .... erotic? ...... you tell me.

Possibilities -- Brenda Antrim
Summary: This is a Mulder/Krycek/Scully story.
Sequel to The Deal and The Bait

Pretty As You Are -- Sosoprano
Summary: Memory still burns many years later.

Solo -- Laura Jacquez Valentine
Summary: Maybe Mulder doesn't get laid, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get action.

Takeoff -- alanna (M/S/K; Slash elements)
Summary: Three people embark on a journey, with repercussions none of them expect.
Prequel to Landing Gear

Unrequited Love -- Cheezstk
Summary: Our hero takes a bathroom break with a favorite magazine, and his thoughts turn to Agent Scully.


The Bait -- Brenda Antrim
Summary: This is not a relationship story, or an X File, it's pure unadulterated sex, so get it while it's hot.
Sequel to The Deal
Prequel to Possibilities

Bedknobs and Broomsticks -- Te
Summary: What *does* Mulder do in his free time?

Circle Jerk -- The Spike
Summary: Three men masturbate to the tune of some dirty and disturbing fantasies.
Prequel to Soggy Biscuit Boy

The Deal -- Brenda Antrim
Summary: Alex has a plan. And the bait to set it all in motion had just walked into his sights.
Prequel to The Bait

Dial M for Mulder -- Dr. Ruthless
Summary: The challenge was that the boys should have phone sex. Now, there is the plot. There ain't no more.

Dirty Business -- Cathy Lee
Summary: This is my entry into Nicci's tight spaces challenge.

Home Alone -- Blue Mohairbear
Summary: The loneliness of the long-distance AD.

Home Theatre -- Kand
Summary: A peaceful moment of pleasure.

I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got -- The Spike
Summary: Alex. Self-abuse and masturbation.

I Go Blind -- Halrloprillalar
Summary: Scully gets off while the boys get it on.

Long Distance -- Aires
Summary: Another of those blasted Quartet Infernale challenges.

Mulder in Interzone -- Cody Nelson
Summary: Mulder discovers a world where secret fantasies come true -- whether you want them to or not. X-Files/Naked Lunch crossover.

Once More with Feeling -- Drovar
Summary: Spender helps Mulder come to an important realization.

One Hand -- Cody Nelson
Summary: A meditation on a lonely life.

Private Dancer -- Aries
Summary: Alex is a multi-talented man, as Mulder finds out...

Rat Trap -- Cathy Lee
Summary: Agent Woods enlists Mulder and Scully's help in apprehending Krycek.

Show -- Te & Pares
Summary: Not enough masturbation stories in the world, so...

Soggy Biscuit Boy -- The Spike
Summary: Spender watches the big boys at play.
Sequel to Circle Jerk

Wanting Inspiration -- Te
Summary: Mulder does some thinking, smut ensues.

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