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155 Words - Genderbending -- bcfan
Summary: After the kindred, he considered the possibilities.

About Face -- JHJ Armstrong
Summary: Moose and Squirrel's connection transcends the physical.

Another Night on the Road -- Merri-Todd Webster
Summary: Motels can be boring places at night, even for Federal agents.

Before the Consummation -- Soleil
Summary: Once upon a time, Scully watched Mulder take a shower. Now she's watching TV in the middle of the night, and Mulder watches Scully.
Sequel to A Night At the Petri's

Bittersweet Release -- adara
Summary: "Scully?" One more whispered question. Slowly, unbelievably, she formed the words. "Yes, Mulder. We'll stay." She didn't dare look at him. She barely heard him over the music: "Oh, Scully . . ."

The Bouquet -- banlu
Summary: Mulder, relaxing.

Chasing Fantasties -- Kate
Summary: Mulder comes to Scully's apartment to indulge in a mildly erotic bit of fun. He learns a bit more about our Dana than he previously knew.

Comfortable Tension -- Cybil & Xfilesopus
Summary: Mulder and Scully are always filled with tension. This story deals with it.

Desire is Suffering -- Darwin
Summary: Scully makes a difficult decision which forever alters her life, her career and her relationship with Mulder.

Ditched III -- Donna
Summary: He knew he had to tell her, but he was afraid to.

Drawing A Bath -- Satina
Summary: Scully calls Mulder while she's drawing a bath for herself.

The Find -- Shinkai
Summary: Scully and Mulder each find an article of clothing belonging to the other, which they secretly keep, becoming the focal points of some serious UST.

Holding Pattern -- mimic117
Summary: Unfortunately for Mulder, smart can be *very* sexy.

Homebody -- Donna
Summary: What does she do at home alone?

Humbuggery -- mimic117
Summary: Everyone has to grow up sometime.

In Sight -- mimic117
Summary: It won't be long now.

Keyhole 03: Shade of Voyeurism -- S. E. McNiel
Summary: Based off Keyhole with permission.

Kilt Series III: Caber Toss -- banlu
Summary: Mulder remembers, with predictable results.

Little White Lie -- mimic117
Summary: Sometimes a little white lie will get you in a lot less trouble than the whole truth.

My Pleasure/Likewise -- mimic117
Summary: Guilty (illicit). Pleasure (sensual gratification). 'Nuff said.

Need Your Love -- PhinMulder
Summary: Scully masturbation.

A Night At the Petri's -- Soleil
Summary: Scully watches while Mulder takes a shower.
Prequel to Before the Consummation

OutFoxed -- Satina
Summary: Scully has a new boyfriend. Mulder doesn't like him. Not all is as it seems.

Pilgrim's Progress -- Cathleen Faye & Melinda MacCaughtry
Summary: Trapped together by a mountain storm, Mulder and Scully discover that while they have gone searching for one thing, they may have found something else entirely.

Pretty As You Are -- Sosoprano
Summary: Memory still burns many years later.

Rebellion -- Frances Hartman
Summary: Ain't technology a wonderful thing? Mind candy of the somewhere audio-visual sort.

Relax II: Relieving the Tension -- Saska
Summary: Mulder discovers the gift that keeps on giving.
Sequel to Relax

Relax III -- Trixie
Summary: What would she do if she realized he was watching?
Based on the events in Relax and Relax II: Relieving the Tension

Rushin' Roulette -- Finding Fiji
Summary: Scully is introduced to Mulder's infamous video collection.

Tootsie Pop III: JellyBellies and Twang -- Evielouise
Summary: Mulder and Scully travel to Austin, Texas, for a boring conference but they manage to get naughty, too.

Toys 101 -- Donnilee
Summary: I went and did it! I made a purchase. Now I'm just a little nervous for some reason.

Truckin' -- Donnilee & FatCat
Summary: Mulder and Scully go undercover as an over-the-road married driving team to break up a hijacking ring.

Wild Places -- Missy Pennington
Summary: Sequel to "Tempest" and "Distance."

Wishing V: Wishing to Serve You -- mimic117
Summary: Mulder gives Scully a very special gift.

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